Home Care Support Services

Home Care Support Services

Solving the Mystery of Private Pay Home Care

Who Pays for Home Care?
Medicare? Medicaid?
The Bottom Lineā€¦

You are reading this brochure because it has been recommended that you may need home care? It is a common misconception that the care a person needs as they age will be provided to them through Medicare or their private health insurance. Medicare and health insurance cover important therapeutic services that are meant to treat a particular health issue, but these issues can create needs beyond medical care.

When someone is living with a health condition or chronic illness, they often experience difficulty with the basic activities of daily living, such as grooming and bathing, getting dressed, etc.

Home care services are meant to provide for these needs outside of medical care that a person experiences because of a medical issue or as part of the aging process. Here are typical questions and answers concerning home care to help you make informed decisions!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of seniors who wish to retain their independence in the comfort of their home. We strive to bring peace of mind to our seniors, as well as their families. We are committed to providing affordable, trustworthy, and personalized care.

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