White House Conference on Aging:

Looking Towards the Future

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White House Conference on Aging: Looking Towards the Future

The White House held its sixth Conference on Aging this July. The event, which is held once a decade, focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing America’s aging population. On July 13, professionals from across the United States attended the WHCOA to address issues concerning the rapidly growing aging population. The elder population is expected to nearly double in size- each day 10,000 Americans turn 65 , so this year’s conference was especially relevant. Corporations and businesses have noticed the nation’s changing demographics, companies like Uber and Airbnb each shared their plans to innovate on behalf of the baby boomer generation.

At the WHCOA, many companies promised a partnership between aging and technology. Uber, in particular, discussed their efforts to improve the accessibility of services for seniors. At the event, Uber announced the launch of pilot programs in partnership with senior community centers to provide free technology tutorials and free or discounted rides to older Americans. Uber is also increasing mobility options for senior citizens through, uberASSIST . The new service allows senior users to select specially trained drivers who are equipped to accommodate passengers with walkers, wheelchairs and scooters. For more information on Uber’s senior mobility options, check out their website here.

Along with Uber, companies like Airbnb are thinking about their older demographic in terms of future services. Airbnb conducted research to support and understand the experience of older Americans. According to Airbnb’s findings, more people over the age of 50 were using their services than originally expected. Older hosts typically received the highest ratings by guests- their wisdom and knowledge was appreciated by younger visitors. Airbnb is partnering with communities to enhance the accessibility and overall experience for the baby boomer generation.

The White House Conference on Aging helped bridge the conversation between leaders and the public. The care of older Americans has become a greater issue, considering the increasing aging demographic. The discussions at WHCOA will hopefully lead to change- now more than ever is the time to tackle the apparent issues. Technology and innovations are expected to improve the day-to-day of the aging population; companies like Uber and Airbnb are seeing to these developments. Safe to say, the future is bright for aging America.


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