The Impact of Technology

on Seniors

January 11, 2017

The Impact of Technology on Seniors

Technology has transformed all aspects of life- from smart phones to tablets, almost everyone seems to be “plugged in” one way or another. While younger generations have evolved alongside technology, baby boomers have had significantly less exposure to this digital lifestyle. Although the aging population might be unaccustomed to this high-tech era, there is an opportunity for older America to learn and use technology to their advantage. Technology, apps in particular are beneficial to the overall health and wellbeing of the elderly. Interactive apps like “GreyMatters” aim to enhance the quality of life for dementia patients and their caregivers. Apps are vastly improving the livelihood of our aging nation, so we decided to share our favorite three below.

GreyMatters  is an interactive storybook. Caregivers can upload family photos and record voice narration to accompany the pictures. GreyMatters allows users to import music from their iTunes library or listen to pre-loaded tunes from the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. There is also pre-loaded content which features historical and pop culture material from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. GreyMatters is available for download in the Apple app store. (Added bonus: It’s free!)

Clevermind  helps stimulate the brain with memory exercises. The app was designed to improve the brain functions of those suffering from cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Clevermind is loaded with trivia, games, news, music, movies, books and pictures. A noteworthy feature of Clevermind? The app provides health care professionals with accessible tools for monitoring vital signs and cognitive status. Clevermind is available for download in the Apple app store.

Pillboxie  reminds users when to take their medication. It is an easy, visual way to remember daily meds. Caregivers can schedule reminders to alert their patients about taking prescribed pills. Download Pillboxie in the Apples app store for free.

It’s safe to say applications like GreyMatters, Clevermind and Pillboxie are transforming the daily lives of their users. These progressive apps are just the beginning of what’s to come. Technology is continually developing and improving, expect even more valuable health apps in the future. For more information on easy-to-use technology and elder friendly apps, give Compassionate Care at Home a call at 203-433-4325. Our care managers are ready to answer all your tech-related questions!


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