Signs a Home Caregiver

is Needed

October 9, 2018

Signs a Home Caregiver is Needed

Over time as you visit your aging parents you may start to notice changes. Pay attention to the little changes so you can help ensure their health and wellbeing. Some of the changes you see will make it clear that Mom and Dad could use some extra help, help that could keep them out of a nursing home. Watch for the signs listed below which indicate that a home caregiver could help your aging parents stay safely in their home.

  1. Struggling to Stand Up
    It takes a lot of strength to get out of a car and stand up from a chair. If your parent needs a big push or it takes several tries to get up, a fall or other health crisis is imminent. They like don’t even have the strength to even get out of the bathtub. A home caregiver can help your parents with their daily care needs, keeping them safe.
  2. Unexplained Bruising
    Before a major injury happens you will likely see minor injuries and bruises which can indicate a strength or balance problem.  Your parent will say it was just a little accident, but it is probably not the first time it has happened. Getting extra resources like physical therapy or a home caregiver can be useful in preventing a major injury.
  3. Unhealthy Diet
    Do your parent’s meals now consist of snacks or microwavable meals? Meal prep is probably too difficult now and maintaining an unhealthy diet can be bad for their health. Home caregivers can keep their diet healthy by meal planning, grocery shopping and even cooking with them.
  4. Declining Appearance
    A noticeable decline in personal upkeep and appearance can be a sign more help is needed. You might see Mom seen wearing the same clothes for days or Dad is no longer shaving. A home caregiver can assist with personal care and laundry to get your parents hygiene back to normal.
  5. Personality Changes
    Fatigue, forgetfulness and agitation are all signs of depression. You might notice some of these changes, but your parents likely won’t acknowledge any concerns. Home caregivers can help alleviate some depression by encouraging more activity, helping them keep a routine, keeping medications on track and just being a support for them.
  6. Housekeeping Is Going Downhill
    Have you noticed a decline in your parent’s housekeeping standards? Cleaning tasks they have always maintained may now not be done. When you see subtle signs of housekeeping changes it is a good time to seek extra help from a home caregiver to assist with these daily tasks.
  7. Cognitive Issues
    Forgetting appointments, words or repeating themselves are all signs of a cognitive issue. Having a home caregiver can keep your parents on a routine and help to remind them of appointments, tasks or other things that need to be done.

Be watchful for any of these signs and when the time is right contact our team to get an evaluation to learn how we can help your parents. Our home caregivers will allow your parents to age in their home instead of a nursing home.

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