Our Best Year Yet:

Finding the Right Resolution

January 11, 2017

Our Best Year Yet: Finding the Right Resolution

January offers us the opportunity to make necessary changes in our life. In a way, it’s our chance to start over. Each New Year, one in three Americans resolve to better their lives one way or another. Many of the resolutions are unfortunately short-lived, due to a gradual decline of inspiration and motivation. As we age, resolutions become much less of a priority, so how do we change this pattern of negligence? Since so few Americans actually keep their beginning of the year promise, we’ve decided to share some of our best tips to create resolutions and stick to them! Let’s seize the chance to improve our lives; we can thank ourselves in 2016.

As we age, starting a resolution and following through becomes increasingly difficult. Despite age, resolutions are still realistic. Here are resolutions we can all do to improve the quality of our lives:

-Stay connected. Pick up the phone, send an email or write a letter. Try keeping in touch with family and friends as often as you can. Being social can ward off stress, anxiety and depression.

-Try something new. Switch up your mundane routine and do something out of the ordinary. Need ideas? Try a yoga class, or volunteer with a nonprofit you’re passionate about.

-Exercise your mind and body. Go for a walk with friends or hit the local gym. People who walk just 11 minutes a day are expected to live two years longer than those who do not exercise. But don’t forget about your mind! Pick up a book or do a crossword puzzle to stimulate the brain.

The most important part of a New Year’s resolution is to create a realistic goal. If you think losing 100 pounds is attainable, then all the power to you! But if 100 pounds seems excessive start somewhere small, like 20 pounds. Don’t kill yourself; the purpose of a resolution is to improve not torture. Sometimes it’s best to just make one New Year’s resolution– anything more is overwhelming. One goal will help focus your energy and just like everything else in life, multitasking isn’t always the best answer. Also remember to stay motivated into the months following January. Resolutions usually end six weeks into the year so during an inevitable February slump, remember exactly WHY you set out to create a resolution. Tell loved ones or friends about your resolution so they can help cheer you on. Resolutions are not easy but they sure are worth it!

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