Meet Compassionate Care at Home’s

Therapy Dog

January 11, 2017

Meet Compassionate Care at Home’s Therapy Dog

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” John Billing

Dog lovers could certainly attest to John Billing’s well-known adage about man’s best friend. Dogs are devotedly loyal creatures, capable of unconditional love for their owners. For centuries, these dedicated companions have protected and served humans on both physical and psychological levels. Dogs perform alongside soldiers in war, assist police officers with corruption and act as physical guides for the legally blind. Aside from their societal duties, dogs also provide emotional and mental healing to those in extra need. “Therapy dogs” are known for bringing comfort and happiness to the ill or elderly.

Therapy dogs serve a community of people. Their healing powers go far beyond bringing temporary happiness to patients; their visits improve the state of many patients’ health. Some noted mental health benefits of therapy dogs are: decrease in depression, decrease in anxiety, increase in self-esteem and increase in mental stimulation. Physical health contributions  include: decrease in blood pressure, decrease in heart rate and increase in motor skills. Therapy dogs are remedial animals, capable of improving the livelihood of the patients they assist.

Compassionate Care at Home is proud to have their very own therapy dog, Boomer! Boomer has visited assisted living facilities along the Connecticut shoreline to offer his very own healing power to the residents. As a pure bred Golden Retriever, Boomer has all the personality characteristics of his benevolent breed. He is often described as obedient, friendly, docile and most importantly, lovable. Boomer is always enthusiastic to meet new people and insists on constant pats and hugs. Compassionate Care at Home is excited to have Boomer a part of the team! Call the office at 203-433-4325 to request your very own visit with Boomer!


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