Companionship is an essential and important part of senior at home care

part of senior at home care

January 15, 2023

Companionship is an essential and important part of senior at home care

Do not ignore the numerous quantifiable benefits associated with companionship when deciding if you want to utilize the services of a professional senior at home care provider like Compassionate Care at Home in North Haven Connecticut.

Cognitive Stimulation: Stimulating activities that are tailored to the senior’s interests and abilities can help to improve cognition and overall mental health. Activities such as puzzles, board games, and crafts can help to improve memory and cognitive functioning, as well as provide enjoyable and engaging activities for the senior. These activities have been proven to noticeably slow down mental degradation in senior citizens. The qualified and compassionate home care aides that work at Compassionate Care at Home take pride in what they do and that includes spending time doing a puzzle or playing a board game.

Build Trust: Building trust between the senior and home care aide is essential for quality at home care. The home care aide should be friendly, compassionate and patient, as well as able to provide quality care. This will help the senior feel comfortable and secure in their environment and allow them to rest assured that they are receiving the best care possible. If the senior does not fully trust the home care aide that is providing the at home care services, then he/she will not receive the full benefits that home care can provide. At Compassionate Care at Home, we understand how important the bonding is between the home care aide and the senior receiving the care which is why we always make sure to go that extra mile and put in the extra work to ensure the senior is matched up with the perfect home care aide.

Quality of Life: Quality at home care should also focus on improving the quality of life for the senior citizen. This can include providing activities that can help to keep the senior active and engaged, as well as providing companionship and support to help them feel a greater sense of purpose. Quality at home care can help to promote overall wellbeing and boost the senior’s overall mood. By contributing to the quality of life of a senior, the hourly home care aide is also indirectly improving and strengthening the relationships the senior may have with his or her family and friends.

Longer Life Expectancy: Quality at home care can also help to improve the senior’s life expectancy. A home care aide can provide essential care, such as monitoring the senior’s health, providing assistance with activities of daily living, and providing companionship. This can help to reduce stress, improve overall wellbeing, and even extend the senior’s life expectancy.

As you can see from the examples listed above the companionship element of quality at home care should not be overlooked when deciding on whether to use the services of a professional home care provider or when choosing which professional home care provider to use. Compassionate Care at Home in North Haven Connecticut has the most compassionate home care aides which is why “compassion” is in our name. Give us a call today at 203 433-4325 and talk to one of our home care professionals to find out for yourself why we are the best when it comes to high quality home care services in the state of Connecticut.

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